December Issue 2014

Page 100

The evolution of global fashion and design, the vibrant colours, geometric shapes and clean lines of African fabrics and accessories have been embraced from the runway to the sidewalk .I have been impressed with the quality of workmanship by great veteran and emerging African designers. Through our Soko collections our jewellery pieces reflect authentic African styles as well as global urban aesthetics.

Soko, which means marketplace in Swahili, offers style-conscious consumers a direct line to responsibly sourced African designs.

Does your work with Soko expose you to the full experience of ICT?

Soko’s designs are inspired by the cultural, urban, and rural creative contexts our artisans are coming from, the rich material ecosystem of Kenya, and popular international trends. Being able to fuse these in a social responsible, artisan entrepreneur driven model is something that Soko is very proud of.

At Soko, our software development team use their educational knowledge that they learnt in school and even go further to expanding their technical skills. For potential recruits, what we look for as key qualities is willingness to learn. This is because at Soko we are always using up- to- date mobile and web technologies so that we keep up with global tech trends. As a result we iterate our technology solutions very often as we prefer using the agile approach versus the waterfall model thus keeping the tech team excited by working on new appropriate technologies.

Soko Collections highlight the best in design coming out of Soko’s open online marketplace. For shoppers who prefer a curated shopping experience, our collections are the ideal choice for finding stunning and exclusive jewellery designs that are ethically sourced.

We provide Value added services for the artisans by communicating to them the latest trend briefs; ensuring that the raw materials that they use are upcycled, recycled and ethically sourced, ensuring they meet the international quality standards in order to compete globally and helping them meet consumer demand through capacity training. Please walk us through your typical workday.

What is the signature look of Soko and how does the company make sure that all the artisans understand and support the brand? Soko is an innovation in global fashion and technology: a brand that connects online consumers to global makers and handcrafted jewellery from the developing world. With Soko, you can discover incredible design and creative ingenuity made in communities that lay outside of the digital economy.

My typical day involves waking up around 4.30am5a.m in the morning to go through my emails, read the latest news on current affairs and global trends especially in ICT and fashion .Also prioritize my day on some of the important things that need to get done on that day. Thereafter, head to work. At Soko, we have a very strong collaborative team where we assist each other wherever possible. I will