December Issue 2014

Page 101

be working with the office management team, tech team, logistics team and entrepreneurship team during the day and slot time for partnership meetings occasionally. At around 6pm to 9pm, I tend to work on things that I personally need to follow up on and have conference calls with the U.S team as we are a global team. I am quite passionate about what I do so finding myself working in the office pretty late is my typical workday. Working with an international team, one has to get rid of the 8a.m-5p.m work time mentality especially if you work at a startup. Time is a very valuable resource. Has Soko been successful in fashioning a better world? Yes we have. Soko uses technology to empower and provide equal access to opportunity for the artisans. With Soko's mobile tools, they have access to a whole world of consumers, expanding their business horizons and entrepreneurial prospects. Over time the artisans economic status has improved which has had a trickle down effect to their communities where they invest their profits in health, education and building their micro-enterprises. Soko and Soko artisans follow the principles of fair trade. Our artisans get the price they ask for the goods they produce and, through our artisan selection process; we work to ensure our artisan partners are providing safe working conditions and fair wages to any employees they may work with. Our artisans design their own products and we encourage them to use natural, locally-sourced recycled and upcycled materials. Not only are the creations unique and exquisite, they demonstrate the resourcefulness of our artisans and encourage a sustainable future. Soko is proud to be able to empower artisans to sell trend relevant product made from ethically sourced and upcycled materials to international consumers at affordable prices.