December Issue 2014

Page 103

and people who are more than ever adopting mobile technology to help them facilitate their basic needs. The integration of technology in daily activities is critical for easy adoption of technology within Africa as most technological solutions are aimed at improving the lives of the people.7 out of 10 fastest growing economies in the world are based in Africa giving rise to the middle class who have the purchasing power to cater above and beyond the basic amenities. What was the experience working on Stanford University’s Nokia Africa Research Centre Design Project?

Entrepreneurship involves dedication, sacrifice, commitment and having a great support system in terms of family, friends and co-workers. When starting a company, one needs to have a strong foundation for the business in order for it to grow sustainably. As a result founders may go an extra mile to ensure that this is achieved with limited resources. Support from mentors, family and coworkers is essential when facing failure and one needs a good support system to encourage you not to give up during tough times as the road to success can occasionally get bumpy.

One quote that I like that is beneficial to people who want to start their own company would be“Get started on your dream “Get started on your dream when the pain of inaction when the pain of inaction exceeds the fear of action.”

This was an eye opener for exceeds the fear of action.” me into technology innovation and What is in store for the Soko entrepreneurship .I got an consumer? opportunity to see entrepreneurship as a viable career that was more fulfilling than being employed. During the projects, we were taught the value of In October 2013 Soko released its first curated working in teams, prototyping various solutions and accessories collection known as the Kenya how to turn an idea into a business case/venture. collection. The collection features necklaces, What has been at the core of the various ICT4Development workshops that you have facilitated in Kenya? Through the design thinking course I received at Stanford’s University Design school in California, I have facilitated a number of trainings targeting an audience interested in providing mobile based solutions to the informal communities. Through design thinking methodologies, this ensures that solutions targeting a certain problem faced in a community are human centric and incorporates the needs and the feedback of the users of the system or application. What is the greatest lesson in entrepreneurship?

bracelets and earrings designed and handcrafted by skilled Kenyan artisans, made available to customers in the US, Kenya, Europe, Canada and Australia at .The Kenya Collection is beautifully handcrafted from sustainable elements, designed to be everyday yet one-of-a-kind classics. Soko has recently launched its Fall/Winter 2014 collection which features ethically-sourced horn and bone, statement necklaces, architectural brass and intricate beadwork, which carefully designed and curated to reflect authentic African styles as well as global urban aesthetics. The pieces consist entirely of upcycled metal, glass, bone, and horn, locally sourced by Soko’s artisans. []