December Issue 2014

Page 118

I have separation anxiety every time I mail off sold items from my store, so you can imagine how I feel about my own vintage closet. My favorite pieces would have to be lace dresses – add some beading and you take my breath away. Every time I acquire new inventory I have to give myself a limit on what I can keep for my closet, otherwise I wouldn’t sell anything. The beauty about vintage is that as it waxes old, the value increases. I believe we call that appreciation.

What inspired you to start your own vintage store? It was a collision of vision, passion and circumstance, with faith being the greatest ingredient.

My career had been in Finance and Treasury, and my hobby was collecting vintage. My subconscious always knew one day I would open a store, but at the time it was merely a passion and something I would do independent of any remuneration. After I got married I made quite a few transitions and decided that it was the perfect time to move in this direction. I had faith and continue to have faith that God