December Issue 2014

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Do you think 'vintage' is an in thing right now versus contemporary fashion?

fuller figured women. Vintage can be worn by all sizes.

I don’t necessarily think vintage is the “in” thing, nor do I encourage people to wear the “in” thing, unless it is their style. The joy, however, about vintage is that you wear a one-of-a-kind piece, and most people treasure that. The detail in vintage clothing is quite impeccable- from the buttons, to the seams in all the right places, to the lining, etc. Each piece has so much character and love. Vintage clothing also has a story that in most cases you will never know. I like to make up stories in my mind for different pieces - of the journeys they have traveled.

There is another misconception that vintage is unsanitary. This is also false because as long a vintage piece is cleaned or sanitized properly there is nothing unsanitary about it. I take time with each garment to either hand wash or dry clean each garment and make sure it is as good as new.

Does your love of vintage extend to your home decor? Absolutely! I admire the craftsmanship of antique furniture and vintage home décor pieces because they have so much more character. It’s all about the details for me. I typically love to mix old pieces with modern pieces, which creates a beautiful balance. Eventually I hope to add a few vintage home décor pieces to the store.

What are some misconceptions about vintage clothing? There is a misconception that vintage clothing is for smaller body types. This is false and in fact in days of old women enjoyed a fuller figure. Most of my 50s dresses would look so much better on a

Another misconception is that wearing vintage looks costumey. Depending on how you style a piece, you do not have to look like you just stepped out of the 60s. I advise mixing vintage with modern or mixing pieces from different eras to avoid the costume syndrome. I like to wear a vintage dress with an African head wrap - it creates the perfect juxtaposition. Another great styling tip is to wear an ultra modern shoe with a vintage dress. For men, think of wearing a modern suit with a vintage tie and pocket square, or a vintage blazer or sports coat with modern jeans and a t-shirt.

Do you have any tips for buying vintage? Buy what makes you smile!!!

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