December Issue 2014

Page 128



ome is where the heart is, true enough. And after a long days work nothing is more relaxing than coming home to your personal palace. “The style of your home is a reflection of yourself”, says interior designer Tavia Forbes, and there’s no reason why you can’t have all the nice fixings, without going broke in the process. After quitting her job and pursuing her passion, Tavia Forbes now has one of Atlanta’s leading interior design companies. Of course this came with much sacrifice and as with anything in life, hard work. When Ms. Forbes took the leap of faith to quit her job and pursue her passions full time she had no idea how much her degree in Business Management and Marketing would come in handy. Of course her background in studio art played a major role as she started this new venture but as the saying goes “experience is the best trainer”. While tagging along with her father as a young girl she learned construction basics and can now boast of building pretty much anything from scratch. Most designers may not have such

extensive background as Ms. Forbes who has touched everything from event design to carpentry, but her greatest traits are vision and patience; the vision to quit her job and the patience to see the outcome of her new prosperous business. “Nothing is automatic. You have to work first. You can’t expect a reward before the risk or the work. You have to work hard and have a great attitude”, she says. And it is these precise words that have taken Tavia from that first client to the many she now has . “I usually have to coach people while I’m managing a project” says Tavia. As you can imagine, people are sensitive about those close to them, and nothing comes closer than having an interior designer in your home telling you your room needs a serious makeover. When you first move in you often have a vision of how you want your home to look and feel, sometimes the execution is the hard part. That’s where Ms. Forbes comes in. With Spring and Summer underway now’s the best time to give your home that fresh style you’ve been craving. And while you may not be an interior design guru, there are a few do’s and don’ts that can enhance your living space and give you a home fit for the runway.