December Issue 2014

Page 131

5. A Comfy Budget - You may want to go all out and splurge on your new home design but remember a good budget makes for a great result. Sticking to your budget will ensure you get everything you want without the stress of buyers’ guilt afterwards. “Bear in mind there’s a difference between a regular budget and a DIY budget”, warns Tavia.

6. Be Inspired - If you have the vision in your mind but can’t seem to put on paper visit some of Tavia’s top picks for inspiration. Pinterest and are great tools if your looking for great ideas and projects you can do yourself.

7. Is there an Elephant in the Room or a Mouse - Be sure you can furnish your space, and know when enough is enough. Overcrowding a space is a designer’s nightmare, equally so, don’t take minimalism to mean a single chair in a vast living room. Balance is everything.

8. It’s the Inside that counts - Landscaping shouldn’t be avoided but just like your body, it’s the inside that counts. Spend time beautifying your house on the inside so you can come home and be pleased and at peace. “It’s not just about your home, it’s a lifestyle”, says Tavia, and you’ll want your home to be reflection of you, inside out.

9. Patience, Patience, Patience - The reward of patience is patience, and this process will take plenty of it. Don’t be hasty in making decision about your home; take the time necessary in case you have a change of heart. The rebirth of your home is much like the birth of a child, so even if it takes nine months, the wait will surely be worthwhile.

10. Mix and Match - “When I first learned the world juxtaposition, I fell in love with it. I juxtapose everything”, explains Tavia. So explore your creative side. Feel free to mix modern with antique and warm colors with bright accessories. If you’re looking to make a room pop, go for the not so obvious, after all opposites attract.

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