December Issue 2014

Page 135

half the population. And research shows that having a diverse group of decision makers leads to more innovative outcomes.

Greatest Challenge #3: The Mirror

Women often struggle with advancing their leadership without a full understanding of how they might be contributing to their own stagnation. Furthermore, suggesting that women are responsible for their lack of representation in leadership feels a lot like blaming the victim - an unpopular concept. Nevertheless, until women fully embrace that they are the most powerful change One of the biggest agents in their own journey, mistakes I've seen young they won't have the resiliency, women make in the humility or creativity to workplace is to assume realize their dreams.

Not only would we be able to solve our biggest problems with more women in leadership, more women role models would inspire more women to pursue positions of power and influence. As Marian Wright Edelman said "You can't be what you can't see."

Greatest Challenge #2: Bringing Home the Bacon and Frying It

Although women are in the that if they simply put workforce in higher numbers their heads down and One of the biggest mistakes than ever before, our culture achieve great results, I've seen young women make hasn't abandoned the 1950's they will be successful. in the workplace is to assume notion that women's rightful that if they simply put their place is in the home. Women heads down and achieve great often feel the dual pressures results, they will be of climbing the corporate ladder and successful. They aren't politically navigating managing everything on the home front, their environment. Often after training and which is impossible to sustainably coaching, they discover that one key to success accomplish without support - whether is ensuring that the right people know about internal or outsourced. your wins and are promoting you. If you want Until we have a revolution that truly makes something you've never had before, you'll have household labor not just "women's work," to do something you've never done before in balancing work and life will continue to be a order to get it. [] huge inhibitor for women who have ambitions to make an impact in both the public and private sphere.