December Issue 2014

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Music Artists You Should Know

Journey of a Woman is a candid expression of songbird RAJDULARI’S growth as an artist and a personal soundtrack for the everyday woman. The upbeat bass lines blend wonderfully with her melodic tones, and her lyrics flow like poetry from a diary. This album brings to the jazz world a hip interpretation of the blues and chronicles the many everyday problems and their solutions. - IMAN FOLAYAN

JOYA MOOI’S sultry voice, poetic lyrics and classic jazz melodies can best be described as a blend between Jill Scott and Nina Simone. Large shoes to fill for an artist not even 25 years old but her musical maturity cannot be questioned. The music speaks for itself. Joya has grown and much like a crystal her music is a prism for all listeners to see through. - IMAN FOLAYAN

Folk singer and songwriter, JENNAH BELL didn’t necessarily make a conscious decision to create folk music however, her affinity for the genre in tandem with her love for well-written lyrics, lent itself to her overall objective. Her love for music translates in so many different ways. - ASHLEY MAKUE