December Issue 2014

Page 145

Regina Fuller is a community educator who has lived in the Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Brazil. Most recently, Regina spearheaded Exponential Education Services, a SAT and college preparation program for high school students in Kumasi, Ghana. She graduated from the University of Ghana in 2013 with a masters degree in African Studies. A fluent speaker in Spanish, Regina has worked with AfroLatino communities in Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicarauga. Currently, she is a Fulbright English Teacher in Campo Grande, Brasil.

Education is the biggest tool for empowerment. What education will raise quality women leaders in Africa? Though not a part of the "formal" education system, I believe positive female mentorship is key to raising a new generation of women leaders in Africa. From my undergraduate experience in the US to postgraduate experience in Ghana, it has been female professors, business leaders and friends who have taught me how to follow my passions and hone my leadership skills. Plus, these same women have opened professional doors in my career. Mentorship is one of the best education women in Africa can truly benefit from.