December Issue 2014

Page 29

Absolutely, I’m currently working on my next book and I can’t wait to finally share it when the time is more appropriate. When Hope Whispers is an important and communicative book title, what was the inspiration behind it and what does hope say when it whispers? I wish I had a more profound story to tell about the name of the book but I simply jotted a few titles in my note book closer to the time it was published - When Hope Whispers spoke to the central message of my book. I wanted the book to instil hope in others. Hope says that even through the loudness of desperation, listen to the whisper of hope and be encouraged.

How did you find the writing experience in terms of finding a voice and a writing style? Writing from the heart, so to speak - it was the most emotionally challenging having to be brutally honest about who I was but it was important to me to be vocal about my truths despite having to revisit painful and shocking chapters in my life that I was so completely ashamed of.

Growing up, did you imagine that you would write a book? I think if anyone had to tell me that long ago that I would be a published author of my autobiography decades later, I wouldn’t have believed them. Growing up I always imagined myself as a mother and a social worker.

Is this book the beginning of a book writing journey?

That risk I felt would one day encourage someone else to make honest changes. One of the most striking elements of When Hope Whispers is your ability to accurately capture moments without dwindling or over exaggerating experiences, what has aided your storytelling? Thank you. I have my publisher and editor to thank for that. I think remaining focused on its purpose; detailing my experiences for lack of a better word, in an honest and personal manner. >>>>>>>>