December Issue 2014

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had already conceived! After my breast cancer diagnosis and six whole gruelling months of chemotherapy treatments, I gave birth to my fourth child a year after my last treatment. I hope I am a testament to many on their journey with breast cancer, that there is indeed life after cancer. The Zenani Mandela Campaign requires road safety and less on-the-road deaths, what are some of the milestones reached by this campaign? Since the launch of the campaign; the Zenani Mandela Scholarship for road safety was launched, which affords young South Africans the opportunity to improve road safety within their own communities. In addition to that; the Long Short Walk campaign was also launched to highlight the importance of safe walking by encouraging all to capture images of unsafe areas in their communities and sharing them online to make these areas safer. Just recently, we launched a Safe Schools project at one of the primary schools in Kayaletsha with the purpose of improving the roads near those schools. Have you done any work to aid the struggle against addiction? I have been very fortunate with the numerous platforms to share on my struggle against addiction which I never shy away from be it at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, rally or at any of my speaking opportunities. Other than When Hope Whispers, what ways have you sought to raise breast cancer awareness?

documentary film which will include my personal experiences captured in the footage in hopes that it will aid in raising the awareness of breast cancer. Are there any special projects that you are currently involved with? I have a new column on Mamas & Papas magazine which is dedicated to inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer and look forward to sharing it with the readers in our August 2014 issue. Later this year, I will be launching the Zoleka Mandela Foundation which aims to promote the awareness of road safety as well as breast cancer. In addition to this, we will also be promoting health and wellness in women and highlighting the dangers of drugs and alcohol within the youth. What are your plans for the future with regards to sharing hope? Finding more ways that I can help others who are going through what I went through; addiction, death of loved ones, breast cancer, physical and sexual abuse. I am hoping that my foundation and I will continue to create more opportunities for many to find ways that they can instil hope in others and contribute to society. []

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From as early as my first chemotherapy treatment; I captured images and video footage of my journey. I am hoping that I will receive the funding for my

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