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hat inspired the creation of Whiz Kids Workshop?

The creation of Whiz Kids Workshop was inspired by my personal public education as well as my professional experience as a teacher in Addis Ababa. Like many others, I was born into a poor family in Addis Ababa. Unlike most kids, my mother had finished high school and dedicated herself to teaching me to read and study well. By age ten, I was already teaching other kids in the Saris neighbourhood how to read. By high school, I was earning a small fee for tutoring younger kids. After high school, I was assigned to study teaching in college, and I soon discovered I loved teaching because of its inherent rewards of empowering children. I taught for a while and was then promoted to director of a kindergarten. While I cherished inspiring children to love learning, I was frustrated with the educational system. The same issues that plagued my childhood schooling still prevailed in my beloved city and county, such as no public education for children under seven, sometimes a >60:1 studentteacher ratio, limited or nonexistent teaching materials, and a very high dropout rate at a very early age. I was disheartened by the status quo and believed passionately a remedy

“ I was disheartened by the status quo and believed passionately a remedy was close at hand. These factors led me to want to improve education in Ethiopia.�

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