December Issue 2014

Page 59

tribe, and our history, and our upbringing. Because society tries to dictate what‟s pretty and what‟s the trend I want people to stand up and recognize who they are in their true self in whatever color they are.

AfroElle: What reaction do you expect people to have after seeing this film? Did this film change your concepts of beauty any? LisaRaye: I think it‟s getting

better than dark skin? LisaRaye: I think that is more so the way that we reference each other. I‟m a fan of dark skin. I like it. First of all, you don‟t see any scars or bruises. With us light skinned women the moment we get a pimple it‟s like Hello. I‟m a sun goddess. I love tanning, it makes me feel like I have a layer of foundation on my face.

I also think because we are African people we are a rainbow of color. And that‟s the rainbow effect we see when we say, “Oh she‟s threeshades lighter than me”. The message from me though, is that it‟s not derogatory when we say that because it‟s said in love and we embrace our

better. We‟re seeing more dark skinned models so when someone, a dark skinned woman sees someone like Lupita Nyong‟o it gives them hope to dream bigger, it opens a door. So hopefully in bringing awareness with this film the message will show every dark skinned woman that has ever wanted to bleach their skin, the consequences and help them embrace their beauty. In this film, the main character is a model and though she starts off as a brown skin model, the story is going to capture the mental illness associated with it. Sometimes we all need a mentor to help us with the scars we were raised with and to enrich our lives. We want women to know that they are not alone and that the secret is out.

AfroElle: This film seems to be very dynamic touching on socialization, racial inferiority, politics of beauty, mental wellness, etc. Of all these

“ Because society tries to dictate what’s pretty and what’s the trend I want people to stand up and recognize who they are in their true self in whatever color they are.

themes throughout the movie which one speaks volumes to you based on your life experiences? LisaRaye: One of my

best friends has a dark complexion and we‟ve been friends since the second grade. I remember being in the locker room on the first couple of days of school when you‟re picking your friends, and she doesn‟t have anybody around her. >>>>