December Issue 2014

Page 64


et in Accra, Ghana, An African City is a web series following the lives of five returnees to the African continent. Born of Nicole Amarteifo and produced by Millie Moyo, the series is a dazzling expression of the experiences of black women in Africa. When Nana Yaa returns to her home country Ghana, she finds her girlfriends; Sade, Ngozi, Makena and Zainab already journeying through the culture shock, the new experience of electricity and water outages, the unbelievable cost of accommodation, the culture of dating, politics of the sexes, as well as the unfamiliar tongue of their home, of returning to Africa after spending most of their lives abroad. The women discover the warmth of home, old love, new love and rekindled friendships. As is the culture with all the shows that have connected with viewers on a level more profound than simple fanaticism, the multiple facets of the human life experiences come into a personal and an

open contact with everyone who watches the show. From the events that every other woman in Africa can attest to having experienced once or more times in their lives, to those underthe-rug conversations that are a covert truth- An African City is the art and indisputable science of telling stories that belong absolutely and exclusively to African cities and their women. Dubbed Africa’s own Sex and The City, An African City is an authentic, accurate and peculiar record of the lives of women in African cities. The eccentricity of the series can be credited to its fearlessness in communicating subjects that are somewhat taboo for an African audience, the gaspworthy fashion, its rich storyline and its online communication.