December Issue 2014

Page 71

see you struggle but if it's something you want to do you have to except the struggle.” After working with Eve in Australia, Ksyn booked more jobs with more artists, continued modeling and crafted the Miss Ksyn brand. She toured Africa with Sean Paul performing in Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Ghana and Uganda. “I was touring with Jeremiah while I was working with Sean Paul. I was working with Ciara while working with Sean Paul. Basically if you're not on retainer you got to get money where you can get it because you're not on contract. If I'm away or know I'm going to be away for a month and a half when I come back I'll set up. It's a hustle.” Ksyn has been working at this pace as a full time dancer for over 5 years. She‟s appeared as a dancer in videos for 50 Cent, Ciara Usher, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Elle Varner, Sean Paul and Mary J Blige. She say‟s even though it‟s her passion -it comes with a keen sense of business knowledge that she had to learn on her own. She‟s experienced in navigating through the entertainment business to create a sense of sustainability and advises other women to do the same. “I have a sole proprietorship business. As dancer you learn to write certain expense off on your taxes like travel for work or potential work. Keep all your receipts or put it on your card. When you do your taxes it's a right off. Make sure everything is legit. That is very important.” As an entrepreneur Ksyn‟s stream of revenue isn‟t limited to just leaps, hops, jumps, pops and twerks. She‟s beauty blogger who shares make up and beauty tips to her over 1,000 fans on her YouTube page. “You are a walking brand. You're a walking business especially when you have a platform. I had a platform before from touring but I had a bigger platform when I started touring with Beyonce. I have to make sure my beauty blogs are up-to-date.” She‟s also a brand ambassador for “It‟s a Wig.” A major challenge with entrepreneurs is health insurance. While traveling the world with Beyonce, Ksyn became ill and says medical costs are her own expense. “It doesn't come with the agency. You got to get that on your own.”

Ksyn says her motivation comes from her fans. She has over 29,000 on Instagram followers and enjoys connecting with them and teaching dance classes when her time allows. As the New Year approaches, Miss Ksyn would like to expand on her brand and maybe have her own line of wigs and makeup to share with women around world. For those who want to make it as full-time dancer Ksyn says get an agent, take ballet classes and go for it. “Ballet shows you how to better take care of your body. You‟re not going to book every audition. Know that you're going to face adversity but just do it. It will make you stronger in the long run. You have to invest in yourself but it's scary and the thought of it is scary. If it's something you want to do you have to believe in yourself. I never look back. When it's meant to be and it's in your gut everything will align. Always remember to be a brand!” CONNECT WITH KSYN Website: Twitter: @MissKsyn Facebook: Instagram: missksyn Youtube: MissKsyn