December Issue 2014

Page 79

When you’re running a company you still take on that level of ownership and I love that [this element] is a part of my life and career. I even joked that if I did work for a company it would be on a commission base because I want that level of ownership. But there are people who don’t. People have told me “I like the fact that I have to be at work at xyz time, I know what the consequences are for being late, I know what time I get off and I know that if I work over that time I’ll be getting overtime or a bonus. I also know that when I leave work it’s no longer my problem.” There are people that subscribe to that, they don’t want that level of ownership. So I think that you must have that level of selfmotivation to get up everyday when you’re your own boss and you don’t have bosses around you to say “here are the goals of the day, let’s get motivated”. When you’re the head of the company you have to motivate yourself and motivate others and those are things I feel are innate skills and desires. There are people who want to coast. They want to

graduate from college, they want to get their skills down to a certain level and they want to coast. That’s not the innate spirit of an entrepreneur. It’s a skill of an entrepreneur to improve, to constantly grow and to never feel like you arrived or reached the pinnacle of success. You must be incredibly driven and desire to take ownership of everything you do. You can teach people these skills but I’m not convinced nor have I ever seen anyone formally taught entrepreneurship, who didn’t have that fire in their belly, to last long or go far. AfroElle: What upcoming ventures can we expect? LMB: We were on tour and we’re resuming the tour in September. There are some other things in the works that are in the staytuned department. You can always visit for more information on Lauren Maillian Bias and to order her lifechanging book![]