December Issue 2014

Page 86

Did you always want to be a chartered accountant? I’ve always wanted to be a businesswoman. I became a CA because I was told that’s how you will learn about different businesses. And since I wasn’t sure exactly how you become a business woman I took the CA option and thought maybe along the way I will know how; (laughs) the younger Tsabu was a very smart and relentless girl, I’m grateful for her.

Could you have gone into your own business immediately after university? Is it any important to get the experience working in an established organisation? Yes, I could have but my CA journey required me to do a compulsory traineeship. My work experience has been invaluable to date. You learn the basics of how corporate or businesses run. I advise 2 years’ experience in any industry but spend that time watching how the systems and processes work and question them. Observe how your bosses conduct business, read their reports and learn from pure observation. Do whatever they hired you to do quickly and efficiently and spend the rest of the time finding out what worries your boss and her boss and her boss.

What was the starting point in the establishment of MOTHEO CA? We merged to leverage off our resources. Nitha and I were in the same space and it made sense for us to merge; we were duplicating our systems. It was a natural progression and it made business sense.

Were you ready?