December Issue 2014

Page 87

I was as ready as I could be at the time. I could have been more prepared, I could have built a clientele first, I could have saved more, I could have been more confident, I could have been more realistic, I could have done more research but I didn’t; I was as ready as I could be at the time. With entrepreneurship you’re ready the minute the entrepreneur bug bites. What do you know now, that you wish you had known before going into your own business?

Other than financial risks, what did you stand to lose if it didn’t do well and how did you handle that risk? Nothing really because all my risks are as calculated as they can be at the time; every risk I take has a strategy behind it. I’m obsessed with risk, I chase risk and if I fail I simply learn from it. I must say nothing hurts like a calculated risk gone wrong; the

“ In my journey to date I’ve noticed that nothing kills risk faster than success. ”

I wish I had known that I would be starting my life all over again. I would be like a child but I will be unlearning instead of learning a lot of things. I would be building blindfolded and all I would have are my dreams, ambitions, confidence and high work ethic as my light. I read a couple of books alluding to this but at the time I didn’t believe it. Entrepreneurship is another existence on its own; you’re your own student every single day. Did you know that MOTHEO would do well? We are still on our journey and are ambitious; but we know we will achieve our vision because we are loyal to the process of entrepreneurship. We are clear about the space MOTHEO will occupy in the big world of business and every day we are driving it towards that. We are

lessons there are intense because they’re mostly a stab to the ego. I thrive on risk and I chase it, overcoming uncertainty is my adrenalin rush; I love seeing how it all turns out after all that drama. In my journey to date I’ve noticed that nothing kills risk faster than success. What is the value of having a good business partner? Having a good business partner is invaluable. Every entrepreneur deserves to have a friend in business who understands. Entrepreneurship can be a very lonely experience but a good business partner makes it lighter. When things go-everythingbut-right I pick up my phone and call her and by the end of the call we are laughing about it. I couldn’t do this alone. I wouldn’t want to do this alone.