December Issue 2014

Page 88

Do you have a sort of barometer for the sacrifices you are willing to make for the growth of MOTHEO? We have sacrificed so much already. I always tweet: “Constant state of sacrifice”, that’s how my life has been. I don’t have a barometer but I’ve accepted that sacrifice is the order of the day especially since I want MOTHEO to outlive me.

Do you think that the business industries in Africa encourage entrepreneurship? The opportunities are there but we don’t have intentional structures that support every level of the entrepreneurship process. They support to an extent. Existing business industries are mainly global multi-nationals who push their own agenda. We spend a lot of money on incubation and mentoring which is an early level of the entrepreneurship process but nothing on accessing the market and selling. Accessing the market is a business in itself and funds need to be pumped into this. As Africa we are competing against the global billion dollar marketing machine and we don’t invest in this. African products and services will struggle to be global giants unless they get the big sales or marketing machine to turn on their favour. We are becoming consumer nations because of the global marketing machine but we don’t fight back by investing in our own products and services and flooding the global market with our products and services. And this is true with every sector of Africa-as-a-country. So as an ambitious entrepreneur you know that you’re fighting against global giants’ nevermind your neighbour down the road. There’s talk about a growing African middleclass but it’s pointless to Africa if it’s going to

“ Start what you can start with whatever skills or any other advantage you have and make it work. It sounds like I’m selling dreams but that’s how we did and many others. Don’t wait for funding it will only kill your spirit; start and then go searching for funds and if you don’t get funded go find out why and fix and go back to find