December Issue 2014

Page 99

When was your first encounter with Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and did you know immediately that you would have a career in ICT? I first encountered ICT right after high school, from a young age, I was always fascinated by electronic gadgets and the computer was one of the things on my list.I would tinker with gadgets occasionally by trying to fix them or reading user manuals to know how things work. I decided to take an IT course after high school to hone my skills as I waited to enroll to the University. From the course, I knew I wanted to study Computer Science for my university degree

modules required to achieve the vision 2013 for the country . Furthermore, I wanted to test my management and leadership skills by being a deputy presiding officer during the referendum period in Kenya. Through such experiences I was more positive and confident than ever that I wanted to venture into the startup scene and start my own business. My initial working experience was a foundation that became instrumental when founding the business and company structure.

Through our Soko collections our jewellery pieces reflect authentic African styles as well as global urban aesthetics. What made you buy into the Soko idea?

Did co-founding Soko in your third year of studying Computer Science disallow you the experience of ICT in a wellestablished corporation? No, it did not inhibit me from experiencing ICT in a well-established corporation. My plan before graduation was to ensure I had a taste of working in different sectors in the ICT realm whether it would be private or government sector. My first job was in the banking industry that I did for a year that gave me the exposure on how to work in a corporation, work in teams, and understand the business processes and procedures involved to keep the company operational. Thereafter, worked with an IT networking company as I was fascinated with wireless technology .Working there helped me to know whether I wanted to work in the computer networking sector. I also worked with the government in the ICT sector through implementation of one of the

Soko was founded in 2012.The company was born out of a love of design, a combination of global perspectives, the desire to connect and empower entrepreneurs via the use of the technology around us, and a belief that women can change the world. The founders met in Nairobi, Kenya, where we were inspired to create technology solutions to change the lives of those around us. We recognized a global need, as well as global opportunity, to disrupt the systemic patterns of poverty found across Africa’s creative economy. With Soko, we did just that. With my love for technology for development, design and fashion I had no doubt that Soko was the best avenue to achieve what I love and fuse my interests harmoniously. Tell us about your interest in fashion prior to Soko. Over the past few years there has been a renaissance of African fashion leading to international fashion houses including African design, artwork and style to achieve a stylish modern look to their designs.